condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 9'6"

Beautiful Classic Old School 9'6" Custom Made Exotic Balsa Wood Surfboard. This Beautiful Board was hand shaped from pure balsa wood that was grown and harvested in the land known for its beautiful balsa wood forests, Ecuador. The wood's beautiful fine grain patterns are visible over the entire board. The Beautiful Teak and Redwood Stringers give the board that Gorgeous Classic Surfboard look. Back in the 50's and 60's the use of balsa wood became very popular for shaping surfboards because it is lighter in weight, than the much heavier redwood, cedar, and teak of the day. Balsa wood boards were eventually replaced by the less expensive foam and fiberglass boards. True Balsa Wood boards today are very hard to come by, and due to the cost and lack of availability, are very expensive. They are very labor intensive to shape and make. This board was custom shaped by Jimmy Zhanay of Zhanay Surfboards, Ecuador, one of the best shapers of Balsa Boards in Ecuador. He was trained by the pioneer Shaper of Balsa Boards in Ecuador "el Gringo Andres" who has since retired. It was surfed there before being brought back to Southern California, where it has been proudly displayed in our living room. This Beautiful Board can be surfed or proudly displayed in your home, business, office, outdoor area, restaurant, boat, etc. The board is always admired and attracts a lot of attention and conversation.

The use of Balsa Wood dates back 1200 years to the Manteno Culture along the coastal regions of Ecuador. There Balsa Wood has a long tradition of being used for ocean going vessels.

The Manteno people sailed up and down the coast of Ecuador, as far as Peru and Columbia, in these balsa wood vessels, trading the Spondylus.

Ecuador to this day remains the biggest global producer of Balsa Wood with over 90% share of its exports worldwide. Balsa is used in boat building, building construction, and other applications.

In Ecuador Balsa Wood is used by surfboard shapers to make these exotic balsa surfboards that have tremendous aesthetic appeal.


Length 9'6"

Nose 17 1/2"

Width 22 7/8"

Tail 14 1/2"

Thick 3 1/2"

Weight 18lbs

Don't miss out on you chance to own a Beautiful Classic Balsa Wood that was harvested and hand shaped in a beach side village in Ecuador.

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