Guest house or quiet master bdr sought for disabled HF autistic woman (Orange County)

We are seeking air-conditioned, livable quarters for someone with special needs, so a detached (preferably) rental for an older, disabled female. Due to past incompatible situations, below will be a detailed list of requirements. Please note: this is NOT to try and change anyone's lifestyle but to find a suitable and compatible rental. She has had wonderful compatible roommates in the past, people who worked long hours and were rarely home, and people whose lifestyle matched her needs for peace & quiet and air free from wafting chemicals.

She is HF autistic (high functioning) but also has neurological disorder causing multiple disabling, overwhelming symptoms, so she sadly has to spend most of her time in bed. (Disability is many internal organs affected, such as brain and heart, but no visible impairments.) Due to autism and heart condition cannot tolerate sounds wafting into her rental.

Ideally, this will be a separate and detached dwelling, a guest house would be perfect. Furnished preferable but could compromise here.

If a master bedroom (sorry: no rooms with outside bathroom), please note that unfortunately the following is non-negotiable: it must be a very quiet building with no more than one (1) non-intrusive, quiet roommate (no couples, no kids, someone whose lifestyle means no visitors, no parties). Potential roommate should be nonsmoker and not wafting any ambient noises (no barking dogs, no paper thin walls, no musicians/TV feedback etc.) nor any synthetic toxins (so must be non vaping nor drugs/smoking not even if the other bedroom due to severe allergies, which can sadly be fatal.)

Air-condition is a must, and must be able to be controlled by this renter, so private quarters are preferable.

The good thing is this is an ideal renter (or roommate) for you if you have been seeking a roommate who is:
non-smoker, N/D, N/DD,
non-intrusive, not a snoop,
responsible: rent paid on time,
has no visitors
quiet, won't blast TV nor music into your space etc.
polite, respectful and courteous.

This person is not interested nor available for any "dating" or "romantic" relationships of any kind, with anyone. Please let us know the city and type of rental/accommodations offered and what how much you are asking. (And please remember to thank your lucky stars if you were born able-bodied, aren't prone to life-threatening allergies, migraines or disabling organ failure and still have your health!)

We will reply to all serious/real inquiries. Please resend if you didn't get a reply within 24 hrs: it means we checked our folders but received no email. Thank you!

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