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2200ft2 - EastCM LrgRoom walk-in closet in SF House-nearBack Bay (Eastside Costa Mesa near Newport)


Friendly, without being invasive existing housemates. Looking for mellow, genuinely easygoing, friendly without being invasive and respectful person. I know I wrote an essay here, just being forward in describing the place.
Engineer/business professional, 3 total including you in large house. Place is laid out almost like a duplex, little living area leading into a very large for area kitchen with big 6-seat eat-in kitchen table (huge by apt standards), 2 upstairs bedrooms separate from common area 30' apart from each other), I’m in back suite type area you could call it (master + couple rooms on 1st floor). Rarely see each other. Just work a lot these days. Very lowkey.
Understanding, Even-Keel Positive and good attitude is most important, place is great location, good size, near newly built.

AT times you'll feel like you have a 2-bed apt to yourself, you'll share 1000+ sqft half of house (n small courtyard) w 1 person, super nice friendly. Professionally worked in manufacturing on management side, and side working on more dedicated focus on martech/software. Other housemate insurance/finance co.

Doesn't matter what you do. As long as you're reliable, mentally well balanced, pay your bills, and get on easily with people. Must work at/near full-time/have full-time schedule.

Close to beach/Back Bay (3 blk run to trails), flexible but all roommates have tended to stay at least a year, up to 2-1/2-3 years til work/relationship took elsewhere.

2min onto 55fwy and 405 interchange, SFR on 6000+sqft lot with neighbors far off for a beach area, wood floors, new stainless appliances, newer frontload washer/dryer, BBQ, unique spot in established neighborhood with Newport blocks away. If you miss living in a house, tired of sharing walls, parking lot walk, waiting on laundry, tired of small room, Melrose Place drama of a complex, neighbor or kids stomping feet above your bedroom all hours on a worknight, this may be a good place for you.

Both of us Very active after workday, usually just crash and watch some comedy after eating later. When home, buried in something technical on PC, friendly and early to later mid-30s college grad professionals (if you're late 20s that's fine, if value a calm recharge spot, lived w grad student and a post-doc researcher in past), guys/women 27-40 usually.
Focused often working on entrepreneurial effort in addition to normal FT work, rarely see me before 9/10p. Used to be avid cyclist at times rode as much as car (more running lately as easier/takes less time, or gym as can do that early/late). Past few years been too busy, but in past have been heavily into sailing, surf/ski/snowboarding, traveled, etc. Used to scuba, more interests than spare time these days. Not looking to relive college, just offset expenses some. Most of the time we miss each other with work schedules.

Really need someone who kind of "gets it" on that front and doesn't take it personal when someone's "on the run" getting things done (50-60 hour working not uncommon, etc.).

Lots of things here free for use so you'll save on things from laundry to nicer kitchen pans/dishes/appliances/etc., in-house Washer/Dryer ... that kind of thing.

Looking for person who: isn't needy, live's healthy, low anxiety, has a career or pursuing one, stable job, etc. Age doesn't necessarily matter, 28-37 is current roommates.
Not interested in 2 friends to a room, kids staying weekends, recently divorced, no intent of staying awhile (though it's month-to-month, most stay 1+ to near 3 years), like to keep it low-key and drama free. Looking for positive vibe people. Know how to have fun, but house is meant to relax, decompress, rest, laugh, watch some TV, have some wine/beer once in awhile, use proximity to outdoors which is great here, not deal with drama or excessive coming/going of randoms. Friendly, have outside lives going on.

Good spot If you want to avoid Irvine Co. raising rent often, and neighbors on each side (nearest building 30’+). Kinda place you just have to see (UCI isn't far if you're an older grad student, worked well living with post-doc UCI employees as well as older students). Lived in area long-time, close enough to action/beach, highway access close for work. Beach is close yet far enough away say now/summer when your neighbor decides to AirBnB to anyone with a pulse, so that you can sleep year round and find parking (driveway), area doesn't have temp or 9mo rentals. Find it best of both worlds as it's more room/quieter/less tourists/easy parking/etc., yet close to everything, used to live closer to beach/Peninsula and it took 15+ minutes just to get to highway access once south of the Triangle, plus the highway commute.

House is large/private enough and bigger than what you'll find in area (small half sized 3bd rundown house around corner is going well over $3000+ as reference, 2bd apt 700sqft apt with decent room size near us run $2400 in 50+ year old buildings sometimes even lacking insulation as my old place did), comparable newer similar house near corner recently lasted 2 weeks before $5300 rental. This room is priced bit under as I carry everything financially, and prefer good fit, less churn, keep the peace and attract right person, rather than rush to fill vacancy based on $. Not going to raise every 6-12 mos for $50-$100, just offsetting some expenses.

A very stable situation, not going anywhere, been living in area a long time, (essentially it's a 4bd with one serving as a flex/office room, not including a great room and large kitchen). Everything's newer, and free to use, as long as it's taken care of, laundry room as well, easy parking driveway spot. It is fully stocked house with nice stainless steel appliances, pots/pans, teak floors, etc.

There’s a lot here. Looking forward to your interest, and a bit about yourself. All the best in your search.
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