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condition: excellent
cylinders: 10 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 47523
paint color: white
rv type: class C
size / dimensions: 26 FEET
title status: clean
transmission: automatic


PLEASE NOTE: If you’re interested in our motorhome and would like to schedule an appointment to meet with us and see it, please feel welcome to give us a call at seven, zero, seven, six, one, three, nine, two, zero, three. Thank you! 🙂

If our ad is posted, it is available. Our ad will be taken down as soon as it’s sold and on it’s way to it’s new home.

To view a detailed YouTube video of our motorhome both inside and out, please feel welcome to copy and paste this added link to the YouTube browser and it will allow you to watch our video which has been created to better familiarize interested individuals with our motorhome and what it has to offer.

YouTube Link:

Up for sale is our beautiful and immaculately maintained 2003 Fleetwood Jamboree 26Q class C motorhome. Our motorhome is family owned and it runs perfectly well. It’s being sold in excellent mechanical condition and is very reliable/trustworthy. It’s upgraded with no cost spared and it’s travel ready to nearby or cross country locations of interest upon purchase. Below will be a detailed add to better familiarize you with our motorhome and all that it has to offer.

Along with the standard four thousand watt micro quiet gas generator, our motorhome also comes equipped with a complete solar generator system upgrade that continuously keeps the six volt deep cycle house batteries fully charged so that solar energy is continuously available to be used whenever its wanted or needed. The solar generator system provides the ability to power all the desired electronics throughout the motorhome that you wish to use and it’s done so purely from solar energy which is continuously offered on a day to day basis. It powers the electronics in complete silence and without creating or releasing any unpleasant gasoline fumes making it a very rewarding upgrade to be continuously enjoyed. It’s a rewarding and great all natural off grid green energy upgrade. With this solar set up no outside hook ups are needed. Regardless where you travel to or are staying, you have solar energy to power the items you’d like to use while also keeping your house batteries fully charged. The solar generator system doesn’t require any level of maintenance other than occasionally spraying the hose water up on the rooftop solar panels to wash away any built up layer of dust that over time can settle on the solar panels. To do so you can simply do this from down below, in other words climbing up the ladder to the rooftop to occasionally clean them off is not needed. Occasionally spraying them off will optimize their solar energy potential and in return continue to provide the solar energy needed to run the fridge and freezer full time, run the lights full time and all other personal electronics of interest that you wish to power. Items we tend to power include our juicer, panini press, laptops, our blender, iron, electric toothbrushes, fans, two crock pots, electric air inflator for our inflatable kayaks, T.V., DVD player, Xbox1 gaming console, our fully electric bicycles and as well there’s a number of other items as well that we power when wanted or needed. We recommend during long vacation travels, spraying the panels off roughly every two to three weeks while out on the road enjoying vacation. Other than that there is no additional maintenance required with this setup. It’s a very convenient and truly rewarding setup that we can’t say enough good things about.

•It’s fully prepared to travel cross country upon purchase. We still use it to this day ourselves. It’s well maintained and as reliable as they come. 

•Family owned. Non smoking family. No pets. 

•Excellent mechanical condition.

•Recent tune up service therefore it’s fully up to date with its maintenance. Service has always been maintained on time, and with top grade products and parts.

•Roof and windows have just been resealed.

•New weatherization has been applied to provide optimal insulation which eliminates the outside draft from entering the inside of the motorhome.

•We still use it as often as we can so this number will change over time however it currently has a low 47,523 original miles on the engine. It runs smooth and perfectly well. 

•Onan 4000 watt micro quiet generator with only 84 hours of total run time on it which is still in like new condition and starts right up by the push of a button from inside the motorhome.

•Rare and highly desired top of the line make and model/Fleetwood Jamboree model 26Q. 
•26 feet in length which is very easy to drive and park.

•Roof mounted air conditioner/A.C. that blows very cold.

•Ducted air flow heater that blows a tremendous amount of air and heats the entire motorhome up to as high as ninety degrees in about five minutes. 

•Ducted air flow vents evenly travel the a.c. and heated air throughout the entire motorhome including the restroom which before showering is very nice when using heat as stepping out of the shower can then be a comfortable temperature. If the thermostat is set before bedtime the heater will keep the motorhome that temperature throughout the entire night automatically turning the heater on when the temperature drops a degree below the thermostats set temperature.

•Automatic push button hot water heater that once turned on will produce very hot water within ten minutes for both showers and washing dishes. Once the hot water heater heats the water it automatically shuts off. There’s no need to go outside and light a pilot light, the pilot light is conveniently turned on and off by a simple touch of a button from inside the motorhome which is located next to the kitchen.

•Beautiful cherry colored wood interior throughout the motorhome.

•Professionally detailed inside and out and also given a wax job three days ago so it’s very clean and has a beautiful shine for the year to come.

•Fleetwood patented slider bunk allows the overhead bed to slide back making it convenient to stand straight up upon exiting the front driver or passenger seats. No crouching necessary upon exiting the front driver or passenger seats, you can instead stand straight up upon exiting the driver and passenger seats which we’ve come to find becomes very rewarding and much easier on the back. 

•Fleetwood dinette cut out which allows the driver to recline the driver side seat farther back providing much more comfort while driving/traveling.

•Shortest class C motorhome that provides a walk around queen sized bed in the rear master bedroom.

•New top of the line tires that only have a few trips of travel time on them.

•This model provides the largest exterior storage compartment for a class C motorhome. Large enough to store our electric bicycles, a large inflatable raft, two inflatable kayaks, a large bbq and a number of other items as well. It’s a large and handy storage compartment. Three different entry doors. Each door has its own lock.

•Comfortable swivel mounted captain chair that’s located across from the dinette. It swivels from side to side and also adjusts forward and backward. 

•Roof mounted antenna with a power booster which picks up twenty to thirty free television channels depending on the location you happen to be parked at. 

•Heavy duty tow package which is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds. Fully set up with rear electrical plug in connection in place.

•T.V. connections in place for both the overhead bedroom area and the rear master bedroom area.

•Privacy door for rear bedroom area that closes and locks into place. 

•Privacy curtain for overhead bedroom area. 

•Large 18’ exterior awning. 

•New outside porch light.

•Large double sided glass wardrobe in the rear master bedroom.

•Dinette table has the ability to fold down into a bed giving a total of three beds total throughout the motorhome. Rear Queen bed, Queen overhead bed and a Twin XL dinette table fold down bed. 

•Sleeps a total of five to six people. 

•Three burner stove. 



•Two sinks, one in the kitchen and one in the restroom.

•Dometic refrigerator and freezer that gets as cold as you’d like foods and beverages to get (ice cold).



•6 gallon automatic/push button hot water heater. 

•36 gallon fresh water tank.

•36 gallon black water holding tank.

•34 gallon grey water holding tank.

•14 gallon propane tank.

•Fully self contained.

•Everything works perfectly well. 


•Anti theft steering wheel lock. 

•A few of the original decals in our opinion were starting to fade so rather than selling it like that we decided to go ahead and have new upgraded decals put on the motorhome prior to listing it. One week ago it received a brand new full body royal blue, dark grey and sky blue custom exterior decal job which looks fabulous. The decals have a fifteen year lifespan therefore that isn’t something that will need to be done again anytime soon. 

•Custom solar generator upgrade which continuously powers all the electronics, and also keeps the batteries fully charged so you can continuously power the fridge, freezer, lights and electronics of choice on a continuous day to day basis. It’s silent and doesn’t release any gas fumes. Green energy. It’s a very rewarding upgrade. 

•Upgraded suspension that offers a much smoother and more gentle ride than the standard suspension. This becomes very rewarding especially during those lengthy vacation trips.

•Chrome wheels 

•Sold with a brand new spare tire in case of an emergency. It’s securely stored in the large garage compartment which has three options of entry each with locking doors.

•Four brand new tire covers to keep the tires fully protected. 

•Three upgraded top of the line five star rated Interstate deep cycle marine batteries.

•Upgraded rust proof paint job under the carriage and on the shocks. This now keeps the parts and the shocks from rusting out, aging and unpleasantly beginning to continuously creak over time while driving to your desired destinations.

•Non slip liner was just applied throughout the inside of the motorhome. 

•Just had new weather seal applied just prior to listing it. This provides better insulation and minimizes outside draft from entering inside.

•New non slip rubber grip applied to the driver and passenger steps, the electric/automatic side entry step, just inside the side entry door and on the bumper directly below the ladder. 

•Brand new shower curtain and rings.

•Two new skylights were just installed in the restroom area above the sink and above the shower which give wonderful natural lighting throughout the day.

•Brand new interior and exterior bulbs.

•Upgraded heavy duty magnetic lock mechanism for rear wardrobe which is much easier and more convenient to shut and open than the standard latch setup that comes stock.

•”Nature Pure Ecology” upgraded water filtration system which now provides safe and clean drinking water inside the motorhome.

•Beautiful flower art and travel stickers of lovely locations throughout our wonderful country which we highly recommend others to visit at some point in life.

•Generator adaptor plug and extension for plugging into campsites, Rv parks national or state parks or simply at home. 

•Jumper cables. 

•Levelers to evenly level out all four corners of the motorhome once parked.

•Hobby leveling gauges/three total throughout the motorhome which show you when the rv is perfectly level.

•Awning tie down system which secures it that much more when in use.

•Swift Mount full motion swivel mount for flatscreen tv which fits tvs up to 32”.

•Cyclone Rv holding tank vent cover which eliminates odors from the holding tanks.

•Springfield Precise temperature reader located in the living room area which monitors and displays both the interior and exterior temperature, as well as the interior humidity level.

•Blazer reverse flood light which automatically turns on a bright flood light as soon as the vehicle is put into reverse. 

•Brand new roof mounted solar panels. 
•Brand new fifteen hundred watt dual outlet power inverter which operates in complete silence.

•Brand new solar charge controller which allows the deep cycle batteries to fully charge with solar energy but eliminates them from overcharging/automatic shut off when the batteries become fully charged which is convenient.

•Upgraded sound system and Panasonic CQ-DP101U C.D. player which sounds great. The upgraded C.D. player offers a detachable face that can be removed by simply clicking a button on the top right part of the C.D. player.

•Custom head board in master bedroom which allows you to sit up and lean back against it rather than applying that weight against the bedroom window located right behind the headboard which is now installed.

•It comes with a flatscreen television. Remote control included.

•Remote control activated LED lights that have been run throughout the rear master bedroom area which allows for a relaxing and peaceful setting during the nighttime hours. There’s eight different light modes that all provide excellent lighting. To turn them on, off, to change modes or to to dim or brighten the LED lights this is all done by a push of a button on the remote control which is conveniently located on the wall in the rear master bedroom area.

•Upgrades dual sided reading lights in the rear master bedroom which swivel to the area that light is wanted.

•Upgraded rear window magnifier which allows to you see more area behind the motorhome. This is convenient when reversing the motorhome due to being able to see a much larger area behind you.

•Three different roof mounted vents with maxxair roof vent covers which allows you to keep them open while driving for better air flow circulation.

•Electric push button bathroom fan which is located on the roof air vent. 

•Two electric fantastic fans which if turned on suction out the interior air to the outside which is great to use on warm days, or while baking or using the stove. Turning the fantastic fans on allows it to minimize interior heat as well as pull out cooking fumes and the interior food smell of whatever’s being cooked. 
•Upgraded electric side door entry step. This upgrade has been very handy and provides safe and convenient side door entry and exiting. The electric side entry step automatic opens when the side entry door is opened, and as well it automatically retracts/closes when the side entry door is closed. It’s very convenient compared to the standard manual step that needs to be pulled out and pushed closed each time in order to use it.

•Brand new mocha cream colored dinette cushions that were just upgraded.

•Brand new curtain rods and chocolate brown curtains with blackout technology which are now on the windows throughout the motorhome. They glide open very smoothly for convenient opening and shutting of the curtains compared to the standard shades that were a bit strong and definitely more challenging to open and close during the days and nights out on the road.

•New curtain hooks to keep curtains pulled back and looking nice when not being used.

•Privacy shades for each one the motorhome windows. If the shades are closed it provides 100% privacy from outside both during the daytime and night time hours.

•Privacy curtain for windshield and driver and passenger window privacy providing full interior privacy when wanted.

•We have five additional items that we’re selling separately and each item will be sold at a fraction of the original retail values which makes for a wonderful deal for anyone who may be interested in these addition items. First off is our top of the line “Blue Ox portable towing system/model number BX7420” and the Blue Ox Patriot automatic braking system/model number BRK2019” This is a wonderful tow system which allows you to conveniently tow your daily driver vehicle behind the motorhome so that it can go with you on the trips that you wish to have it. This is a lovely setup which only takes roughly five minutes of time to fully have your vehicle tow ready. When the destination is reached the towing system fits conveniently back into the large exterior garage compartment of the motorhome which has three entry ports and a key lock for each one of the doors to keep that item and other items stored in there safe. The second item is our “Carefree Buena Vista Plus 14’ Exterior Bonus Room/model number 211400A” Our motorhome has been set up with the connectors for this specific outdoor and fully enclosed bonus room which is absolutely wonderful. This allows for an excellent area to lay the throw rug, the outdoor folding chairs and the folding table to enjoy card games, outdoor meals and much more. The third item is our “Goldline Class C RV Cover” This is known to be a top grade Rv cover which has worked absolutely wonderful for us. It’s 100% waterproof, it offers a very easy setup and it has all the attachments to keep it securely attached to the motorhome. It also has a large zipper that folds back at the side entry door so that access inside the motorhome is still available even with the cover being on the motorhome. This has been a wonderful and very convenient cover for us which helps very much to take proper care of the motorhome. The four and fifth items are our electric bicycles. These in our opinion are a must have when traveling. These amazing electric bicycles allow you to go up to 15.5 miles per hour and offer a 15 mile range per charge. They have disc brakes, a horn, twist throttle, a battery indicator display showing the charge level that’s remaining, they offer cruise control, they have head lights for evening and night rides, 14” tires and they fold down wonderfully making them very small when extra space may be needed. The greatest thing about these electric bicycles is that they allow you to see so much more than you would day by day throughout the travels, it’s absolutely wonderful. When the time comes that the battery is depleted they offer pedal assist. Once back to the motorhome we conveniently charge them with the solar generator that our motorhome is equipped with. They’re a fantastic option to own when wanting to see and enjoy the travels to come that much more. These five items have each been lightly used and are all still in excellent condition which you’re welcome to see and fully inspect yourself. These are the only five items mentioned in our ad which will be sold separately to anyone who may be interested in them. Everything else mentioned in our ad goes along with the motorhome sale. If our buyer would prefer to proceed without these mentioned items there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever as we can conveniently list them separately on Amazon.

•The solar upgrade keeps the batteries charged and also provides power to all our electronics including the tv, dvd player, our lights, fans, blender, crock pot, electric blankets, electric panini press, massage chair, laptops, electric tooth brushes, our electric bicycles and much more. They can all be continuously powered by the solar generator with no need for hookups from rv parks or campgrounds. It provides energy you can depend on wherever you go/off grid solar set up. Even during cloudy and wet days the solar generator still functions and collects up to 25% of its typical output. It powers all items in silence while offering fume free solar energy so no matter where you go you have a power source. It’s a fantastic setup that provides convenience and saves money due to not needing to run the gas generator to power the electronics. The solar/green energy option is by far a much healthier and more enjoyable way to go in our opinion. 

•Everything in and on our motorhome works excellent and it runs perfectly well. It’s a very reliable motorhome that’s been maintained well and upgraded to provide a similar level of comfort that a home has to offer. Its our reliable and compact solar powered condo on wheels as we like to say. Our motorhome is fully prepared for reliable traveling to both nearby and cross county destinations that you wish to experience.

•We just had it detailed and waxed so the new owner/owners will be receiving a very clean, tidy and beautiful motorhome.

•The propane tank was just filled all the way up yesterday so it has a full tank of propane which tends to last us a long time as it’s a large tank.

•On the inside of the motorhome is a control panel conveniently located next to the side entry door which offers a digital push button display and this shows you the levels of your propane, your battery charge, your black water, grey water and clean water levels, it allows you to automatically start the gas generator if wanted and as well it has the push button automatic hot water heater button.

•Our motorhome is sold with everything Rv related that we own which is everything we’ve come to find that’s needed to hit the road in comfort. We’re including our water hose, a brand new heavy duty sewer hose that we just purchased which is still in the box, a brand new spare tire, four brand new tire cover protectors to keep the tires in excellent condition, a new pack of deodorant for the holding tanks, levelers that do a wonderful job of leveling out the motorhome, window sun visors which minimize interior heat on warm days, jumper cables, two sets of keys, the complete set of owner manual guides which show you all aspects of the motorhome inside and out and as well there’s more that’ll go with it.

•Successfully passed smog certificate which can now be transferred to the new owner.

•Registration was just renewed for the year and is now valid until May 2022.

•Clean and clean California title.

•We’ve just put a bit of money into it prior to listing it which by doing so now allows the new owners to not have to replace a thing, but instead it can be purchased and as soon after as desired it can begin traveling reliably to nearby or long distance destinations of interest.

•Our motorhome is private party owned, therefore there’s no additional high sales tax expense on top of our price. 

•If you’re interested in purchasing a top of the line make and model motorhome thats beautiful, well maintained, runs excellent, is as reliable as they come, offers the best floor plan layout out of any class C motorhome in our opinion and last but not least has been equipped with some truly rewarding upgrades which now provides a higher level of comfort and convenience to enjoy, our motorhome is an excellent option to pursue. 

•We live in San Marcos California and are are conveniently located roughly one mile off of the 78 freeway. If coming our way from out of town, we have Rv towing insurance that we do have the ability to offer to our buyer if it would be a convenient and helpful option to get the motorhome back home for you. This option is available if the distance it would be towed to is two hundred miles or less in distance. If the distance is over two hundred miles that option can’t be offered and instead it would then need to be drove rather than towed.

•We have a family member who’s ninety seven years of age in our home, therefore we ask that a facial mask or facial covering be worn during scheduled appointments. Thank you for your consideration, and as well thank you for your interest in our lovely motorhome. We wish you, your family and your loved ones all a healthy and wonderful day to come.

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