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My name is Daniel, and I'm the owner and founder of Howard Test Prep. We're an in-home ACT prep provider serving Orange County since 2014. I used to work for the "big name" companies until I realized there was a better way to do test prep that's more fun, personalized, and time-effective. The results speak for themselves. Our students consistently see incredible results- up to 10 point increases! This translates into better college applications and THOUSANDS of dollars in financial aid. See what one of our recent students, Georgia thought (taken from Yelp):


"The college process can often feel isolating and unforgiving. Specifically, standardized test taking can be difficult for students - especially students who (like myself) find bubbling in answers against a clock to be an unfair measure of intelligence and worth.

So naturally I was disappointed when I received a 25 on my first practice ACT... but with Daniel's constant support I raised my super-score to a 32 and even earned perfect score on the writing section.

I was accepted to Harvard, Yale, Penn, Brown, Berkeley, Georgetown, Duke, UCSB Honors Program, UCLA, Northwestern, and Wesleyan.

For me though, it isn't about the acceptances or the scores. It was about having someone who believed in me, and Daniel believed in me. He never pressured me to take the ACT more times than I wanted to, he never discouraged me that a 32 wasn't "good enough", and he never limited my college aspirations. Daniel knows that the ACT is not the only aspect of your application. I recognize it is an important part, but it does not define you. Daniel never let my numbers define me.

He views each of his students as more than bubbles and number two pencils. He acknowledged my anxieties and worked with me to personalize my experience. Daniel stayed organized, offered online sessions if he couldn't make it in person, recommended books to me, and sent me articles. He knows the ACT, and he knows people. He humanizes the process and breaks studying down into manageable mini tasks.

Personally, I've hated most tutors I've worked with. I don't like being told what to do. But without Daniel I wouldn't have made it through the ACT. He motivated me to actually get the job done and kept me on track.

He is a knowledgable, experienced, engaged, and kind tutor. He is also very reasonably priced. What more could you ask for? I would recommend Daniel to all aspiring students looking for someone to help them achieve their goals."


I'd love to help your student in the same way. Instead of trying to explain how I can do that here, check out "Howard Test Prep" on Yelp and give me a call! Did your student feel like they were a bit under-prepared for the September ACT? I personally have several open slots for the upcoming October and December ACTs and now is the perfect time to get started. We ALWAYS offer a FREE 1-hour session so you can meet me and see for yourself how we do things. Mention this ad and I'll also talk to you about a discounted prep package for the upcoming exams! I can be reached at 949 373 5977 (call or text) or the email linked in this ad. Let's beat the ACT together!
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