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OR 76O-2O8-91O2 (cell/text) (licensed professional tree growers )
80.00 - 85.00 -- DELIVERY -- INSTALL (ASK QUOTE for INSTALL)
*** AVOCADO TREES** LEMON TREES**LIME TREES**ORANGE TREES**FRUIT TREES Kingmans AvoCitrus 480 Rancho Vista RD Vista CA 92083 (licensed nursery) Also ALL Fruiting Trees -- Peach Plum Kingmans AvoCitrus (licensed nursery) 480 RANCHO VISTA RD VISTA CA 92083
Apricot Apple Nectarine Tree Trees ALL 5 GAL TREES are $27.50 15 GAL. CITRUS VERY LARGE STANDARD and SEMI_DWARF $89.00, *** EZ FWY ON and OFF *******CITRUS TREES & Very Large 5 GAL. **** $$ 27.50 - $32.50** and ** 15 GAL. Trees, **$77.50 for CITRUS TREES - SEMI- DWARF, and STANDARD , includes Valencia Orange, Naval Orange, Mexican Key Lime, Bearss Lime, Meyer Lemon, Eureka Lemon, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Rio Red Grapefruit, (15 G. CITRUS TREES ** $77.50 **), and AVACADO TREES ** $89.50**, Hass Avocado, Haas Avocado, Avacado, Fuerte Avocado, Feurte Avocado, Bacon Avocado, Zutano Avocado, Reed Avocado, Lamb Hass Avocado, Sir Priz, Sir Prize Avocado, Pinkerton, Wurtz, $89.50 each, very large 15 Gallon trees 4 years old, bearing avocados, FRUIT TREES, Apricot Trees (Goldkist and Desert Gold), Nectarine Trees (Tropic Snow, Panamint and Goldmine, and more), Plum Trees (Beauty, Burgundy and Santa Rosa), Peach Trees (Ventura, Red Baron, Babcock White), Apple Trees (Beverly Hills, Anna Apple Tree, Gala, Red Fuji, Granny Smith, Dorsett Golden, Gordon), ALL 5 gallon size $32.50, Hass Avocado Tree + 5 varieties of AVOCADOS 5 GAL. $32.50 & 15G. $89.50), Hass Avocado, Fuerte Avocado, Reed Avocado, Bacon Avocado, Nabal Avocado, Wurtz Avocado, Gwen Avocado, Sir Prize Avocado, Dwarf Avocado, Pinkerton Avocado, Zutano Avocado, All citrus (very large trees with fruit) 15 G. $77.50 and 5 G. $29.50, Lemon Tree Eureka Lemon, Meyer Lemon Tree, Sweet Lemon Tree, Key Lime Tree, Mexican Key Lime Tree (5+ varieties), Washington Navel Orange Tree and Valencia Orange Tree, Gold Nugget Tangerine Tree, Seedless Mandarin Orange Trees, Seedless Tangerine Trees, Cuties Algerian Tangerine, Satsuma Mandarin Tangerine Tree, Fruiting Pakistan Mulberry Tree, Grapefruit Tree, Rio Red Grapefruit Tree, Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree, Mexican Guava Tree, Melon Guava Tree and White Arabian Guava Tree, Pomegranate Tree, Persimmon Tree, Fuyu Imoto, Fuyu Jiro Persimmon Tree, Fuji, Hachiya Persimmon Tree ($87.50, 15 Gallon), and Fig trees (Diana Fig Tree, White Kadota Fig Tree, Tiger Panache Fig Tree, Mission Black Fig Tree), Mexican Melon Guava Tree, Vietnamese Guava Tree, Bangkok Guava Tree, White Arabian Guava tree, Red Fuji Apple Tree, Fuji Apple Tree, Granny Smith Apple Tree, Beverly Hills Apple Tree (dwarf), Apple Tree 4 in 1, Apple Trees four-in-one, $125.00, (Anna, Golden Dorsett, Red Fuji, Gordon, four-in-one), Garden Annie Apple, Anna Apple, Cherry Tree, Cherry Trees, Compact Stella Cherry Tree, English Morello Cherry Tree, Kansas Sweet Cherry Tree, Hansen Cherry Tree, White Sapote Tree, Zapote Tree, Fruit Tree, Fruit Trees, 15 gallon size $69.50-$77.50, (standard, dwarf and semi-dwarf), ALL 5 gallon size $29.50 - $32.50 - Ornamental Trees 15 GAL. Olive, Olea, Cypress, cupressis, California Pepper, Schinus Molie, Agonis Flexora, Parkinsonia Palo Verde, Native Landscape Trees, Live Oak, London Plane, Sycamore, Hong Kong Orchid, Pink Tulip Tree, Pink Trumpet Tree, Geyesa, Laurel, Chitalpa, Acacia, shoestring acacia, jacaranda mimosa folia, 76O*842-1799 OPEN 6 days a week, 7AM-3 PM,HWY 78 @ Vista Village exit EZ FWY ON/OFF, call for directions, or to ask about discounts and/or delivery DIRECTIONS: exit HWY 78 at VISTA VILLAGE, go NORTH to the 1st stoplight and turn RIGHT at LADO DE LOMA , then turn RIGHT at RANCHO VISTA RD, (480 Rancho Vista Rd., Vista 92083 see GOOGLE MAPS) (B1708.001), .........15 GAL AVOCADO TREES $97.00 & 15 GAL. FRUIT TREES 57.00 (bearing fruit now)
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