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Seeking investor for limited production (Palm Springs)

Amount needed: $100,000

Return on investment: Amount borrowed and first vehicle made.

My business partner and I are seeking a investor for our business:
The business is to mass produce the prototype sport economy limo in Cancun and sell 30 units to the hotel industry. Any remaining units will be absorbed into a tourism business.

My business partner owns Prestige Auto Design. He has worked in the prototype division of General Motors. He also knows how to build any vehicle at any scale, bulletproofing, fiberglass, limo construction, fabrication, and restoration. Extensive portfolio available upon request.

I myself have worked in Cancun and know the area well. I have made my contacts over the last 20 years that I still use today. I am also the owner of both the idea and the prototype.

The prototype: A low cost to build prototype. Very strong and very fast. This vehicle does not get blown around in the wind because it is low and heavy. It seats 2 facing 2 in the rear. The engine is sufficient as it has been updated to a 1.8 liter and is faster and more fuel efficient than a 1979 Corvette. The production model will use a 2.0 liter and have different rims.
Target pricing per unit : $30,000

Your investment will be returned as follows:

The first vehicle built is yours to your color specification (black or white).

50% of each vehicle sold will be paid to the investor until the amount borrowed is reached.

50% of profits from each tour given will be paid to the investor until the amount borrowed is reached.

Cancun Business Plan

Production run of 30 Sport Economy Limousines to sell to various hotels. 

3.5 year span - 6 - 8 builds per year.

Each build sold at approximately $30,000 as is no warranty.

1 Pre production stage (2 months)

Lease a 3000 sq foot enclosed business with cargo entrance. 

Lease 2 furnished residence. One in Pok to pok for the builder, the other in Puerto Juarez for the tourism business.

Ship tools, and supplies to leased space.

Source a in house mechanic to work 8 hours a day.

Subcontract a local upholstery shop to work in house 8 hours a day.

Obtain business license.

Obtain 2 VW Rabbits in Cancun to be cut up for the center section.

Vehicle locator obtains 2 VW Rabbit 4 door from the United States ( 1 for investor - 1 to sell )

Vehicle locator obtains 2 Scatt hovercraft from the United States.

Title vehicles and tow hovercrafts with VW Rabbits to Miami, Florida. Ship to Cancun from Florida via Hyde Shipping.

Tow hovercrafts from port and store at residence in Puerto Juarez.

Store VW Rabbits in 3000 sq foot enclosed business.

2 24 Hour production stage (2 month unit completion)

All Rabbits are cut and welded 8 hours a day. The same person that cuts and welds will paint the limousine when complete during day hours.

Upholstery subcontractors work the next 8 hour shift after welder/painter.

The mechanic works 8 hours after the upholstery subcontractors.

3 Promotion and profit through tourism  ( Immediate )

Promotional models drop brochures at all hotels promoting hovercraft business for tourists and sport economy limousine brochures for hotel owners.

Use prototype for round trip pick up of tourists from hotels and drop off at residence in Puerto Juarez.

Use playa del ninos beach next door to residence in Puerto Juarez to launch hovercrafts 8 hours a day.


Vehicle Builder
Tour Operator
Promotional staff ( 3 )
Upholstery staff ( 2 )
Vehicle locator

Preproduction costs

Enclosed business-$1,600 per month
Residence Pok to Pok-$800 per month ( Las Gaviotas )
Residence Puerto Juarez-$700 per month ( Quintas Del Mar )
2 US VW Rabbits@$4,000 each-$8,000
2 Scatt Hovercraft@$3,000 each-$6,000
Title fees-$1,000
Shipping costs to Florida@$900 each-$1,800
Shipping cost to Cancun@$1,000 each-$4,000
Business license-$500
Vehicle locator-$1,000
Tools and supplies shipped$1,500

Total preproduction cost $29,300

24 Hour production cost per month

Enclosed business-$1,600 per month
Upholstery staff-$250 per month
Mechanic@$8 per day-$192
2.0 liter@$300 per vehicle
Hydraulic head@$150 per vehicle
Upgraded suspension@$600 per vehicle
Water and Electricity-$30

Total 24 Hour production cost $4,322

Tourism cost per month

Residence-$700 per month
Promotional Staff-$696
Prototype limousine maintenance@$100 per month-$100
Hovercraft maintenance@$200 per month-$400
Tourism hovercraft insurance@$66 each-$133
Tourism prototype limousine insurance-$350
Chamber of commerce fees-$500

Total tourism cost $3,379

Preproduction costs $29,300
24 Hour production costs $4,322
Tourism cost $3,379

Total investment after 2 months $37,001
Investment available after 2 months $62,999
Sport Economy Limousines Built: 1

Bi-Monthly Revenue
1 VW Rabbit limousine every 2 month-$30,000
20 Hovercraft tours/week@$200 each-$32,000

Total bi-monthly revenue $62,000

Bi-Monthly return of funds borrowed 
50% of 1 unit sold-$15,000
50% of hovercraft tours-$16,000

Total bi-monthly return to both investor and project operators $31,000
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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