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We have many buyers for your Remote Controlled Airplanes tanks offroad 4 wheel boats etc. We can get you market price.

Consignments accepted. No up-front fees. Warehouse and parking on site for storage, detail, etc. Sales staff here to show your items7 days a week.

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Lot Number Lot Title Lot Description

35 QQ Yak-54 3500 RC Remote Control Balsa Wood Airplane 6ft Wingspan, 5.5ft Nose to Tail
111 T-28 RC Remote Control Airplane w/ Retracts E Flight 1 4ft Wingspan, 3ft Long Has all servos needs receiver and battery pack. Brushless Motor
112 GWS F-15 Jet RC Remote Control Airplane 33in Wingspan, 3ft Long twin Air inducted no receiver or battery pack E Flight.
113 Slow Flyer Old School RC Remote Control Airplane 5ft Wingspan, 40in Long E Flight Basic trainers. Has servos needs receiver battery pack
114 Stevenson aeroglider Complete Kit, Partially Assembled Box is 38 inches long Parts may be missing. G 300 wingspan 36.5 Length 34.5. Intermediate
115 Sport Flyers Quick-One RC Plane 30 inches tip to tail 3 foot wing span E flight foam all servos no landing gear.
116 F-22 Raptor Blitzworks w/ Retracts Minor damage to tail left elevator needs to be reglued foam 3 retracts air inducted with motor Needs receiver and battery pack.
117 Freedom Flyer Megatech w/ Brushless Motor & Complete Electronics Upgraded motor, peg is now too large to fit original prop E flight foam wingspan 34 length 22.5 RTF no controller.
136 Neofun Vision RC Plane Kit E Flight Balsa Trainer Brushless E Flite 430 motor. 28 inches tip to tail 41 inch wing span Perfect for beginner. Some assembly required needs servos
137 Lot of RC Planes Balsa Wood Styrofoam 4 Units Pico Tiger moth some damage, needs some assembly, has servos e-flight with box. futaba mini sky walker x2, one has servos needs receiver other is just frame paper coated green Plane with two sets of wings. damage.
138 Lot of RC Plane Controller 4 Units Tactic TTX440 2.4 GHz. FMS F-4 2.4 GHz. 4 channel. E flite MLP6DSM. Hobby King HK T6A V2 2.4 GHz. 6 channel
139 Kyosho Etude 1200 RC Plane, Upgraded Brushless Motor, with Apprentice Flight Stabilization Component Etude 1200 hard Styrofoam body Balsa Wood wings. 3 foot tip to tail 4 foot wing span. Has servos most electronics. E flight brushless perfect trainer. Aileron needs repair. Motor needs remount. good trainer
140 Eagle Vintage Wood RC Plane Trainer 4 foot tip to tail 5 foot wing span KB 40 gas Motor Has servos no receiver and battery pack. Great trainer has damage to monokoat but built very sturdy can take crashes. Nice transition to a larger plane.
141 Parkzone BNF T-28 Trojan RC Remote Control Airplane 36 inches tip to tail, 44 inch wing span. E flight foam Wing has been repaired.
175 Vintage RC Remote Control Airplane Mistique 4 foot tip to tail, 5 foot wingspan. Balsa trainer has servos and battery pack and receiver. KB possibly a 45 or 60. Heavy duty trainer
176 Multiplex Stunt Master Styrofoam RC Remote Control Airplane 3 foot tip to tail 3 foot wing span E flight foam has servos almost RTF.
177 Xoar Colorful RC Remote Control Airplane 40 inches tip to tail 3 foot wing span E flight Balsa all servos RTF. Great plane great shape pristine unit.
178 E-flite RC Remote Control Airplane Spitfire , with Motor & Servos 2 foot tip to tail, 3 foot wing span, E flight foamy
179 Ultracote Mirage 550 RC Balsa Wood RC Remote Control Airplane 40 inches tip to tail, 54 inches wing span. Plane has all servos and motor components. Trainer E Flight Great Shape.
180 Aeronica N85571 Balsa Wood RC Remote Control Airplane Various damage. 3 foot tip to tail 6 foot wing span E flight Balsa Trainer needs minor repair. Damage to tail. Has servos. Very large trainer.
181 Vintage Wood 87 RC Remote Control Airplane 4 foot tip to tail 5 foot wing span Trainer gas powered has servos & battery pack. Great large trainer.
182 Vintage Wood RC Remote Control Airplane Various damage. 42 inches tip to tail 54 inch wing span Needs monokote repair. Balsa with servos and receiver. No battery pack. Gas powered needs motor. Great trainer.
183 US Navy E 365 RC Remote Control Airplane Various damage 3 foot tip to tail 42 inch wing span E flight foamy.
184 RC Remote Control Airplane, with Receiver, Servos, Brushless Motor 42 inches tip to tail, 42 inch wing span. Balsa body Styrofoam wing. Custom calling. Has servos and receiver. Highmax outrunner brushless Motor. RTF
185 Night Vapor Pitts S.1S RC Airplanes, 2 Planes with Extra Batteries & 2 Extra Servos Vapor is ready to fly. Damage to the Pitts. In Original Boxes.
186 UMX Carbon Cub SS RC Remote Control Airplanes, 3 Units One is in new condition other 2 are for parts still in original box.
187 Parcflyer Jenny Slow Flyer Planes 2 Units RC Aerobatic Parcflyer CAP 231 EX Plane Kit without the motor e flight foamy needs assembly E Flight Jenny JN4 Slow Flyer Model Kit with Motor and prop. Both in original box
188 Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S RC Remote Control Airplanes, 2 Units Minor damage both in original box Wingspan 24 length 15. RTF one has battery.
189 P51D Mustang RC Remote Control Airplanes, 2 Units 13x15in. One has nose damage , the other for spare parts. Extra fuselage. Extra Batteries. Original packaging
190 Sukhoi RC Remote Control Airplane Foam Plane Kit PLZU Plane Kit, 3 Units Sukhoi SU 26xp In Original Box. Foam Plane Kit unbuilt. New in box PZKU 1024 1020 1067 complete tail with accessories wing with ailerons bare fuselage.
191 Flyline Air Racer Tigermoth SU 26xp RC Remote Control Airplanes. 3 Units Flyline Air racer in original box. Micro Tigermoth Front yard flyer in original box.looks to be never used. SU 26xp Plane. Damage attempted repair.
192 Parkzone J3 Cub RC Remote Control Airplane Comes with original box but no propeller or controls. 2 wings. Needs receiver and battery pack. Wing 36 length 24.
193 Mirage 550 RC Remote Control Airplane Model Kit In Box Carl Goldberg Models Turbo 550 Motor mirage 550. Box is 4 foot long. Wing span 54 length 39
194 1985 Anniversary Edition Piper Cub RC Remote Control Airplane Kit In Box Carl Goldberg Models Piper Cub Model Kit. No motor. Box is 44 inches long wing 76.5 length 48. Balsa requires gas engine
195 King Tech Aeolus ARF Styrofoam RC Remote Control Airplane Kit Still in original packaging. Needs propeller, motor, and battery. Wing 31.5 length 33.5. Foam kit ARF
196 Scorpio Dornier Jet S 2075 RC Remote Control Airplane Kit In Original box 38 inches long. Wing 37.5in, length 37.5in. With motor air induction. Looks complete.
198 Hobbyzone Super Cub RC Remote Control Airplane Kit In box but has been used. Appears Complete. Box is 4 foot long. Beginner foamy damage canning with transmitter. Extra prop one servos. Extra parts extra motor.
199 Lanier RC Stinger 10 RC Remote Control Airplane Kit In original box. No motor. Balsa foam combo e flight. Wing 36, length 24.
200 Bixler 2 Styrofoam RC Remote Control Airplane Kit Kit. No motor. No servos , looks like everything else is there. 38 inches long
320 Small RC Remote Control Ariplanes & Parts 4 Units Snoopy Red Baron damage. Balsa e flight no landing gear. E flight foam navy needs nose repair. Air Force balsa e flight with servos some minor repair needed.
321 Extreme S8 G RC Helicopter In original box Syma Extreme S-8G outdoor helicopter. Looks unused. Box is 3 foot long
322 QS8006 G T Model RC Helicopter Been used comes with controller and box. 4 foot long
323 BR 6508 RC Helicopter 2.4 GHZ Company Bo Rong digital proportional RC Helicopter Model BR 6508. Missing one blade comes with controller and box
327 JR Sport S400 Radio Control System RC Plane In the box 4 channel FM radio system precision sport radio control system. S400 RC Plane control.
328 Ultrafly Furious 3D RC Plane Kit Eflite 28.3in Wingspan, 30.1in Length New in box Plane Kit just Plane no motor or controls or battery. Box is 31 inches long
329 Cynosure RC Plane Parts Body Wings Extra tail, Etta wing, extra rudders, some nose damage, Parts, Some Assembly Required
330 Aventura 2 RC Canadian Amphibie Airplane Kit With Motor & Servos. Rare plane kit from Czech Republic. Started the kit but never finished. Plastic & Balsa. In original box.
331 Box of RC Plane Parts, Electronics, Motor, Controller 6 Fuselages, Multiple different planes Skyhawks controller.
332 Lantek Cable Certifier Kit, 2 Units 7g 1 GHz Certifiers, Remote, Batteries, Charging Port Untested. Spare cables, 4 spare batteries, 4 category 7 adapters
334 Hubsan Spy Hawk Foam RC Plane w/ Controller With Motor, Servos, Electronics, 38in Wingspan, 30in Long, in Original Box. Auto-Pilot GPS & RTH System
333 Eflite Skyartec N9528 Foam RC Airplane w/ Receiver, Electronics, Servos, Battery Damage to tail & rudder. Includes 2 new replacement tail & rudder. With spare wing
353 Fun Fighter Corsair RC Remote Control Airplane, 23in Wingspan, 21in Long
357 Great Planes Extra 300S Aerobatic Team RC Remote Control Airplane Remote control Airplane With Extra Wing & Manual. Untested. Damaged nose.
381 Remote Control RC Amphibious Airplane with Gas Engine & Servos 4ft Wingspan, 3.5ft Long, Size 40 Engine, Monokote Damage on Wing
382 Remote Control RC Amphibious Airplane with Gas Engine & Servos With receiver, electronics & battery. 4ft Wingspan, 3.5ft Long, Size 50 Engine
383 Remote Control RC Amphibious Airplane with Gas Engine & Servos With receiver, electronics & battery. 46 Engine 4ft Wingspan, 3.5ft Long
384 Remote Control RC Airplane with Gas Engine & Servos OS Max Size 40 Engine. With Battery, NO receiver. 5ft Wingspan, 4ft Long. Monokote damage on tail
385 Parkzone Navy RC Remote Control Airplane with Motor & Servos 36 inches tip to tail, 44 inch wing span
386 2 RC Remote Control Gas Airplanes Monokote Damage to wing, Blue/Yellow plane is Balsa Fiberglass 51in Wingspan & 46in Long, White plane is Balsa Plasic 48in Wingspan & 34in Long. Both are trainers. No engine or electronics
437 U.S. Army P-51D-25-NA Foam RC Plane Nose damage. Untested. Has E-Retract and extra nose NIB, Location office room
438 Eflite Foam Remote Control RC Airplane With Motor and Servos. 51in Wingspan, 34in Long
439 RC Airplane Trainer, K&B Gas Engine, Balsa & Plywood Has Receiver, Futaba Servos, Electronics. No Battery. 58in Long, 72in Wingspan
440 Balsa Wood RC Airplane, 62in Wingspan, 56in Long Monokote damage on wing, no electronics
469 Box of RC Plane Parts Jet Transmitter ZD Fly T4A 4 channel transmitter. 2 motors 2 hard toy jets e fly foamy Jet
470 Nasal CPAP Bi Level E Flight Foam RC Plane Hobby zone foamy. Has damage and has new parts. Missing parts also.
604 RC Plane Extra Parts Wings Windshield Foamy ultrafly outrage has servos. New windshield in box. Balsa Wood Plastic Coated wings frame and large wings.
616 Wood RC Plane Badly Damaged
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