The Art of Hair Color (Laguna Niguel)

Excellence in coloring or highlighting someone's hair is much-much more than being able to do a decent color job.

There are many good stylists who can do a nice color job for a decent price -- but how do you know if you are getting the best you could possibly get?

When it comes to our appearance we are all after perfection and many of us are missing out just because of just a few details. A beautiful face is a great feature to have and a "decent" hair color will not take much away from the total appearance but it will not add to it anything either. You may get a nice comment here and there but not the serious kind of compliments that always have a touch of envy.

For any stylist aspiring to become a color specialist it takes decades of experience and thousands upon thousands of truly excellent color jobs to get to the level where it becomes more of an art than just a well performed craft. Unfortunately we see way too many ads out the touting "Color Specialists" without true credentials -- hence all those "average-decent" looks out there. Just because a stylist emphasizes to his/her customers at every visit that "I am the best!" -- that doesn't necessarily need to be so. Some people tend to fall for the hype, others see through it easily.

I have decades of experience and I have done many thousands of color jobs to the full satisfaction of my customers. I am a Master Stylist and (Real) Color Correction Specialist representing that elusive, refined quality and care that is a trademark of the few top stylists educated in Europe. My customers rate me among the top 1% of Color Specialists in the country. I have regular customers who travel over a hundred miles to get their color or highlights done by me because even after I gave their local stylists the exact procedures they cannot get everything exactly right like I can.

I also have customers who moved to different states within the US but when they come back to California to visit their relatives the first thing they do is to make an appointment with me. Many of my most loyal customers are local and not so local hair stylists who wouldn't let anyone else touch their hair -- now, if that is not the ultimate compliment then what is?

If you would like to look your best I would like to welcome you to a free consultation.
Please make sure that you have sufficient time and are not rushed when seeing me, we don't want to make decisions too hastily when it comes to your looks. If it is important to you it is just as important to me. If you already have a specific color you want, great! Please make sure to bring your sample or picture and I will get it as close to perfect as possible. If you want to explore different possibilities I will be glad to assist you with my advice.

A perfectly designed and executed adjustment of hair color and/or highlights can make anyone look beautiful and evoke compliments with no exceptions. Such high quality work doesn't need to be too expensive either. After having read the above you might think that such high quality comes with equally high prices. Relax, it's not so. I could easily charge 2-3 times as much as I do but I place emphasis on fairness towards my customers as well as myself. Over charging doesn't encourage loyalty which is what both you and I are looking for. I believe that delivering far superior quality for the same price or even less than what others charge for "decent" work is a win-win situation.

I am in Mission Viejo, just a couple of minutes from the 5 Freeway. If you are interested, please send an email to the address at the top of this listing with your name, telephone number, best time to call and I will call you as soon as I can to set your appointment. I will not be able to respond to emails without name or phone number in a timely manner because I am busy caring for my customers and away from computers all day long. A trusted friend is monitoring my emails and transmitting inquiries to me by phone. Please make sure that there is no attachment in your email because in that case the email will be automatically deleted.

Thank you for your interest and I wish you a great day.


My hair has always been very difficult to manage and had to be cut at least once every 2-3 weeks just to look somewhat acceptable. I have tried very short, quite long, this style and that style and I always looked like an ill-kempt broom. Many years ago I walked into an odd-looking retro salon and got a haircut from Judy. What surprised me was that my haircuts usually lasted 10-15 minutes and she spent more than twice that on my hair going through it front to back, left and right, up and down again and again. First I thought that was weird but soon I realized that I've just gotten the best haircut any man could wish for.

It is quite unbelievable but after a haircut I don't need to use a comb in the morning for a couple of weeks: I just run through my hair with my fingers and I am done. As my hair grows out longer an longer it still falls in place and looks stylish. I moved my business to Palm Springs a few years ago and guess what: I am driving for my haircuts to Judy in Orange County once every two months - and it is worth every penny!

I guess they train the stylists differently in Europe. She is a magician with those scissors!

Joseph K.
Palm Springs

After my stylist moved out of state I have been trying to find my new hair stylist for more than two years. I have been to many different ones but none of them even came close to what I was used to. A couple of months ago I saw Judy's ad and thought I should give her a chance and all I can say: Thank Goodness! I have definitely found my new stylist. She is everything I want in a high-end hair stylist: I am getting compliments every day from my friends and colleges.

Ruth A.
Newport Beach, CA

I have been going from one stylist to the next for the last two decades and I have been quite unhappy with my hair pretty much all the time. Call me picky or call me a perfectionist: All I wanted was a healthy and vibrant color and texture with a natural looking but still sophisticated styling that doesn't fade away a day or two after the appointment. I tried all the so called "Super Starts" and paid them small fortunes asking for something that I believe to be a fairly straight forward and reasonable request but all of them turned out to be more hot air than professional performance. I paid a lot of money for the over-hyped shows they put on and spent many nights fuming or crying for my bad luck.

I have seen Judy's ads for quite some time and I thought I should try her but kept putting it off because I was just too tired of the repeat failures and spending money for mediocre results again. Oh my God, what a mistake!

When I first walked into her store I almost turned around to leave because the retro look of the place was nothing compared to what I was accustomed to in other high-end salons but then I saw a very familiar face in her chair: She asked me not to name her because she is a TV personality I see every day on the TV screen. She assured me that Judy is THE hidden gem and she has been her client for decades. I thought that if someone who must look absolutely perfect every day is so devoted to her then I should give Judy a chance. The first time she did my hair it looked much better than ever before but still not perfect: We worked with each other changing small details here and there and now I am a VERY happy camper: I look in the mirror with confidence and I am getting compliments left and right.

Oh, and the best part: She charges much less than the over-hyped super star clowns. She is not the entertainer/comic I have seen in many other salons but she does what she does to absolute perfection.

It is quite a long drive for me but I don't care: Love you, Judy!

Alice H.
Los Angeles, CA

My Mom's hair is always so nice and I have been struggling to get my long and curly hair in shape. She told me to go to Judy and after some hesitation I did. She recommended some highlights but I was a bit reluctant because I never had my hair highlighted. We did it anyway and I have to say I couldn't be happier. The haircut came out perfect and the highlights look amazing. I walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. I am sending my boyfriend to her next week. She is our family stylist now!

Amy D.
San Clemente, CA

Six years ago I had to move to Washington DC because of my husband's job. I was quite surprised that after I have gone to more than a dozen stylists in my new home town none of them could even come close to the color and style I was used to in California - and I have tried most local star stylists who came warmly recommended. We have been Judy's clients for decades and in my desperation I asked her if she would be kind and give me all the details about what kind of chemicals she used and how she used them - and she did: She wrote a page full of instructions with all the details one could ask for.

I could simply not believe that despite of all this not one of my new stylists could reproduce the exact results Judy did so consistently all these years. The first thing I do now is to make an appointment with Judy every time we visit our family back in California 3-4 times a year. I wish I could persuade her to move to Washington DC :).

Renee W.
Washington DC

We have been driving from San Diego to see Judy as a whole family for over 12 years now. Some of our friends say it is just crazy but we know better: The same friends always compliment our hair after we go to see Judy. We absolutely love her work and would never trade her for anyone else. (Some of us have tried it but quickly reconsidered!)

Bob, Shawn, Kayleen and Josh F.
La Jolla, Ca

Look no farther, you are wasting your time: Judy is the best. Period.

Dave S.
Newport Beach, CA
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